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The Abstract story of Numelda's Kingdom (prints of 35 paints). Limited signed and numbered edition of 100 books. Photo bookLarge Square, 12×12 in, 30×30 cm


Numelda's Kingdom

The King Numelda escaped from his castle

Leaving his kingdom to the terrible three

Disorder and Anarchy took place

The Kingdom is devided

Between the Ebola brothers

The black masks gang

The pink cats The flying fishs

The ears in balls

And also the green ducks

The fight was terrible

And in the meanwhile, The king Numelda died killed by the blue birds gang

And made a mess in the kingdom

The stroks heard about King Numbela's death

The storks deciced to deliver

New babies packages

To save the Kingdom

The new babies are born

And they went for an expedition

To fight for the Kingdom

Through a forest full of henchmen

To fight the wild flying fishs guards

The one eye's Head tribe

And the multi-eyes monster

The terrible three were also hiding

The battle with the blue birds was terrible

And the blue birds won

The stroks decided to deliver again

To deliver the one It will be the last one

The Celebration just started

The people celebrating the one

Before the fight with the blue birds

The one want to be the new king

But the blue birds still alive

Numelda's Kingdom

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