Mushrooms, 2022

The three sculptures “Button Head”, “Blue Barry” and “Hot Dog” are my first sculptures edition. So excited about this milestone.
We’ve been working since months on giving my work a new dimension.


The Believer, 2021

"The Believer" represents to date the synthesis of my scientific and artistic journey. Since my professional conversion from computer scientist and mathematician to artist, I have always wanted to explore different ways of mixing science and art.


At first, I started by integrating mathematical formulas and symbols compositions on canvas. Then I started to want to transform the work on canvas to a multidimensional work, and then to a 3D digital work. This has always seemed something natural to me, on one hand, because of my personal journey, and on the other hand, because of my deep conviction that all fields form a single interconnected whole.


These intimate feelings are often combined with a reflection on the evolution of humanity, in which I participate at my scale by leading to these physical and digital creations.

5 The beliver 155 x110 cm.jpg

The last step has been to transform the digital work into a 3D animated video, which is available for purchase as NFT on the OpenSea platform. Check it in here